Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Corporate Training

It's proven- wellness programs at the workplace promote productivity and team building, but it is also linked to fewer missed days. In this fast-paced society, the health of your employees is essential to maintaining the health of your company.  Instant Fitness provides fitness and wellness programs that will incorporate healthy living habits into your workplace, provide a team-building environment, reduce health care costs and add substantial value to your company.  Physical activity is a proven mood-enhancer, reducing anxiety and depression and building self-esteem, while encouraging high-morale.  Higher productivity and lower work absenteeism also reduces employee turnover.

Instant Fitness can help improve and maintain the health of your employees. We take a customized approach in developing your company’s fitness and wellness programs and tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your corporate fitness center.  This way your employees receive what they need and want.

Many companies have invested in on-site exercise facilities and equipment.   However, these facilities are often left unused or misused by employees because they lack the proper knowledge and/or motivation to use them. We will offer a variety of fitness and wellness programs that help employees gain the most benefit out of your facility and take control of their health one day at a time. We will strive to improve your employee’s lifestyle by encouraging healthy eating and exercising habits that promote a healthy mind, body, and soul.


After you set up your wellness programs, your employees will get a free body diagnostic which consists of the following events:

  • Your trainer will ask you a few questions about your current overall health and current fitness goals.
  • Next you will get a physical assessment which consists of 3-5 exercises to determine your fitness level.
  • Based on your fitness level, we will then customize a workout plan that will help you reach your goals and fit your current lifestyle.
  • Once your assessment is complete, you and your trainer will find the right package for you.