Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Personal Training

Are you unhappy with what you see in the mirror? Are you stressed, tired, and have low motivation? Have you gone back and forth with your weight for years? Stop yo-yoing! If any or all of these questions apply to you, Instant Fitness personal training is the perfect service for you! Personal training is designed for those trying to make big changes in their mind and body. You can completely transform yourself with our Instant Fitness 3.0 system!



Here's what you'll get:

-Increase in stamina, flexibility, and strength

-Instant and Permanent results

-Increase your personal motivation

-Lose weight and feel better about your body

-Decrease fatigue and increase vivacity

-Live a long, healthy, and happy life!







Instant Fitness Personal Training 3.0 has everything you need to get your dream body and keep your dream body!








Instant Fitness 3.0 includes:


-24/7 help and guidance from your trainer and nutrition consultant


-An Accountability system to make sure you're reaching your goals


-Customized workout, tailored to fit your goals and your lifestyle


-Customized off-day training schedule, based on fitness goals, to be completed outside of personal training sessions


-Customized meal plan and Nutrition consultations


-Access to all Instant Fitness Bootcamps


-Progression checks, including body measurements, BMI, body fat analysis, and before and after pictures





Call today for FREE fitness assessment and plan a healthier future!








What to expect after you call for your FREE assessment:

  • Your trainer will ask you a few questions about your current overall health and current fitness goals.
  • Next you will get a physical assessment which consists of 3-5 exercises to determine your fitness level.
  • Based on your fitness level, we will then customize a workout plan that will help you reach your goals and fit your current lifestyle.
  • Once your assessment is complete, you and your trainer will find the right package for you.

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